Leagues – especially amateur sports clubs – cannot exist without the volunteers. They spend a vast amount of time week after week on the seen and unseen tasks needed to make a club function.

Ways to Volunteer

If you are interested in volunteering at your local sports club, the first thing to do is to turn up at a meeting and get to know the people that run the club. Clubs are always looking for new volunteers and can really never have enough –

Probably the most common route to becoming a sports club volunteer is as a parent of a child joining a club for the first time – these are often the volunteers “roped in” – driving kids to games, becoming a linesman or umpire for day starting to the journey to becoming a regular contributor to the club over many years.

Back end of Manage Your League

Much of this volunteering workload is made simpler with Manage Your League. When it comes to managing club memberships, fundraising, communicating with members and reporting on the club’s performance Manage Your League has the tools to make volunteering a more efficient and enjoyable experience and as a result frees up significant volunteering hours every week, allowing club volunteers to focus on other areas of the club.

If you would like to learn more about simplifying the administrative effort by bringing Manage Your League to your club, please fill out a form on the Contact Us page.